Thursday, July 4, 2019

Dear President Bone Spurs....

Once again it's that time of the year when we have a chance to wish our country a happy birthday, and to use the occasion to reafirm how much we value democracy, freedom and principles that we can live by and feel that we are proud of who we are.  'Proud', by the way, doesn't translate into puffed-up nationalistic struting and boasting of our military's vast lethality.  It is simply a quiet sense that whenever a society gets into trouble with autocracy, despotism and a violent willingness to control it's people, that we have been the ones willing to step-up...and have done so, at huge cost in the lives of American servicemen and women, and vast amounts of money and effort.

At the end of World War II there was indeed a great parade, with ticker-tape and the whole shebang....and the men and women who marched in it had just been through four plus years of sheer hell, in order to keep the world from falling completely under the control of hellish despots who would have enslaved most of the planet if we hadn't been willing to step-up. I have watched the film, and that parade was America's way, in some small part, of welcoming the soldiers, sailors and marines home. It was a way of celebrating that they did something wonderfully courageous and difficult...and they WON.  It was certainly NOT a celebration of how mighty our military was, but rather that we were thankful in the extreme for their willingness to sacrifice so much, including their lives by the hundreds of thousands.

Now comes this petty, lying, cheating, manipulating asshole....who dodged his own chance to put it all on the line for his getting a less than honest doctor to certify that he had bone spurs. And, he thinks he can be president for life....if only enough Americans will insist on it.

Wrong.  There are way too many of us who actually did serve who would never tolerate a piece of dirt like Donny-boy stealing the highest office and running the country as if he'd been anointed king.

Never going to happen.....and I mean that in the gravest sense of 'whatever it would take'.

So, today we will watch...or, better yet, look this idiot gloats over his high station and pontificates about Freedom and all the 'values' he so supports.  Perhaps he'll mention what a good job his agencies are doing on the southern border....causing so much pain, pain like you never saw, pain that will show these insolent (brown) asylum seekers to re-consider their desire to escape DYING and come to America, the Beautiful.

The government will spend as yet undetermined millions of dollars so that this Orange Clown can have a show of military might.  He has already begun lying about it, saying that the military units and their personnel are 'thrilled' to be doing this.  Oh BULLSHIT!!!  They'd rather be barbecuing with their families, or at the beach....especially in this suffocating heat!  He is so clueless that he popped-off about the new Sherman tanks and the new Abrams that would be there.  Really?   Our main battle tank, the Abrams has been on active duty since 1980....and the 'brand new' Sherman has not been made since--hello!--1946, when production was stopped because it had become obsolescent and WWII was well and truly OVER.  Perhaps he meant to refer to the Sheridan fighting vehicle, a lighter tank intended to operate where the Abrams can't because of its 70 ton bulk.

But, why would the idiot know that?  He doesn't read,apparently needs his briefings in short sentences and with good graphics,and is constantly bluffing about how he knows more than the generals....or anybody.  This is the hallmark of a genuine FOOL....a person who, as an old-timey expression here in Maine goes: " so clueless that he don't even suspect nothin".

It's gotten beyond even such superlatives as 'infuriating',or 'outrageous'.  He's engineering a dictatorship, right in front of our very eyes.  He really believes the bullshit he spouts on a daily basis...most of it on Twitter.  It has become a de facto 'government by twitter', as a matter of fact. Even his generals and what few diplomats he's appointed get their marching orders via this social media platform.  You wouldn't believe these circumstances if someone described it all to you at a barbecue.  You would think they were in the bag, loaded out of their mind.

So, let's indeed honor America, the Founding Fathers' and their vision for a country where equality, tolerance and actual freedom in practice would be realized.  But, as we do 'bout letting the Big Orange Idiot know that it's not ALL ABOUT HIM.