Monday, July 13, 2020

Trump is doing all the damage he can on the way out the door

   Despite all the news stories that are starting to dwell on how much trouble the Idiot's campaign is in, and how he's going to be 'taken to the woodshed' in November, it's way too soon to assume anything....positive or negative. It's going to be a long downhill slide into election day, and the entire country will be holding its collective breath in anticipation of the results.

   But, here's the thing: he hasn't pulled back from his scorched earth agenda....not one little bit.  He's determined to do as much damage as possible on his way out. Every single day, it seems, he comes up with another thing he can do via 'executive order' to hurt the vulnerable, to destroy the environment, and to give more charity to the oligarchs who need it less than anybody on the planet.  There is no regulation that is safe.  We can take some small solace from recent SCOTUS decisions that haven't gone Donny-boy's way, but that is a few rain drops and we're dealing with a wild-fire.

  The Idiot v.1's latest strategy to ensure his re-election is to try to just push on past the entire pandemic.  That's right.  He is pretending that it's over and done with so we can just move on to restoring the boom economy that was his best and last chance to sell the American people on the great wisdom of keeping his wonderful leadership in the White House.  Because little Donny is a deeply disturbed and damaged person, he cannot feel either empathy or compassion.  It's enlightening to read the list of 'symptoms' for narcissistic personality disorder on the Mayo Clinic website.  No surprise, V.1 has 'em all.  Go right down the list and you will find yourself nodding, "Yep,....uh, yep....yep."  And, he has been identified by many, many psychiatrists and psychologists...most of them pre-eminent in the having not just narcissistic personality disorder, but the worst variation of it: malignant narcissism.  Based on his observable behaviors, ol' Donny boy is about as dysfunctional as a narcissist can be.

   So, in obeisance to his illness(s), the Idiot is pushing every button, flipping every switch and pulling every lever that he sees, in order to give his re-election the best chance of succeeding.  Pretending the pandemic is over and haranguing the country to 'move on' to re-opening the vastly damaged economy is priority ONE....which would be no problem at all, except for the fact that the pandemic is not only NOT OVER, but is getting worse each day, especially in the states that re-opened as early as they wanted to, ignoring the advice of all the medical experts.  They not only re-opened, they ditched all manner of practices designed to keep the coronavirus from spreading, indeed from running out of control and turning into a full-blown cataclysm.

  Well, V.1 cannot have such a minor thing as a pandemic get in the way of his political ambition, hell no.  So, he is now working as hard as he ever works....which, to be honest, isn't all that discredit the science-based advice that is coming from the top medical epidemiologists, i.e. the people whose life work is to understand how epidemics work, and how they become pandemics, and how pandemics can turn into a national and even a global nightmare.

   Dr. Anthony Fauci is the expert that most Americans...or at least those whose brains have not gone dead watching the freak show on Fox....have turned to as a trusted source of knowledge and expert opinion on what is really happening.  At times, he's had the courage to directly disagree with the bullshit coming from the Idiot.  And, it IS bullshit.  He stands there, in the White House driveway, as he's headed out to play another round of golf and spouts complete lies to the press. When confronted by reporters, he just gets in a huff and walks away...after he spends some energy berating the reporter who was stupid enough to ask such a dumb question.  His specialty seems to be personal attacks on female reporters. This need to attack anybody who doesn't kowtow to him certainly fits his psychological profile, but it's hard to watch a bully at his worst.  I will continue to wait patiently for the day and a courageous reporter who stands up and says, "You know what, Mr. President?  You are a liar and the worlds biggest asshole!  Fuck off." And, walks away.

  Any hour now I expect to see the news announcing that Dr. Fauci is 'out', joining a very long list of distinguished and not so distinguished individuals who have also been fired by the Idiot or quit once they realized how severely dysfunctional he is.

  My hope is that Dr. Fauci will retire from his position as the nation's leading epidemiologist and continue his efforts to get the truth about this rotten situation to the American public.  He surely can retire with at least a decent set of circumstances.  He has a long and distinguished career behind him and I just cannot imagine that he really needs his position with the government at this point in his life. least those of us who see who Anthony Fauci really is and have come to trust him....really need a person like him, with a great depth of expertise and the good character of a person who knows there is a critical value in the Truth.

   In order to make life and death decisions...which is, sadly, what it really comes down to in these circumstances....all of us, but especially parents of school kids trying to decide if it's safe to return their kids to school,  and adult children who must decide what is safe for their elderly parents, simply cannot make such crucial decisions without sound information about the risks and pitfalls of this strange and terrible situation.

  The Idiot is wholly transparent about the damage he's inflicting on various segments of American society.  It's not a mystery that has to be uncovered or solved.  He's an insane asshole who is holding a dangerous amount of power and is using it at every opportunity to inflict more damage and pain. And, I am holding onto hope that enough people will realize just how evil he is and vote his sorry ass out in November.

  And, in the meantime, I am really hoping that Dr. Anthony Fauci will not back away from the trust we have given him.  He's a decent person and a good soul...and we need his calm guidance as we try to get through this 'Valley of the Shadow of Death".

Saturday, July 11, 2020

What Will it Take?

    As the Covid cases spiral out of control in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California, the rest of America is watching.  Some are looking at this in disbelief; some are watching in horror.  And, some apparently just don't give a flying fuck.  At least, that is the impression one gets when they walk into a Walmart and see how many people are refusing to wear a mask.  There is an associate by the front door to make sure every shopper coming in is wearing a mask....but, as soon as they're in, many remove their masks.  Is it just that they can't be inconvenienced?  Do they not know what is happening across the land?  Are they just low-i.q. idiots who look at it all and go, "Well, what's that got to do with me?"

  Many are apparently Trump idolators....judging from their accouterments, and their demeanor. And, if the Big Cheeto won't wear a mask, and he keeps telling anybody who'll listen that it's all going to just 'go away' magic...then 'What me worry?" (from Alfred E. Neuman) comes into play.  So, if you are one of his darling sycophants, why would you think it was your responsibility, much less your duty, to do something to protect others, especially those goddamned 'lib-tards' ?  And to hell with the 'snowflakes' anyway. Right?

  So, here we are...right back where we were in March, April and May, in some places it is already worse than it was in our hottest of hot-spots, NYC.  The news reports coming out of places like Huston, southern Florida and Arizona are so dire that perhaps a lot of people just don't accept or perhaps comprehend, how truly catastrophic this is becoming.  When a hospital is 'overwhelmed' what they mean by that term is that they have lost the ability to give proper treatment to the stream, hell flood, of people arriving in their ED, coming in the door, or already there.  They are still working like hell to meet the demands...but, these are human beings--damned good ones, actual heroes--and there's just so much they can do.  The interviews with some of the docs and nurses are heart-rending.  They really have given all they have to give.

  And, due in great measure to a lack of federal leadership....i.e. The Goddamned Idiot again....there are still shortages of the most basic supplies, PPE, that these heros need to do their jobs.  How can we ask them to put their lives, and those of their families, on the line when we have--at the government level at least--turned our backs on them?  It's unacceptable; and it's insane...just doesn't make any sense in the world we currently live in.'s something that every American can do:  PUT ON A MASK. It's really simple and becoming easier due to the proliferation of home-made and imported masks now.  But, for the person who still belatedly thinks this is a form of coercion, a violation of their 'rights', the first step in a sharp jolt toward the left that will ultimately result in living in a commie totalitarian hell-hole, putting on a mask is tantamount to betraying your conservative ideals.

   Really?  And, do those high-minded principles include separating small kids from their parents and keeping them in horrendous conditions?  How about, using federal police and troops to violently control peaceful protesters? Is that just fine?  What about racism?  Is White Supremacy a conservative principle too?  How about the idea that neo-Nazis are 'fine people too'?  How about embracing the idea that stealing elections is okay too....voter roll purges, gerrymandering, few poles and long lines, limited hours to vote and God forbid people should be able to vote by mail.

  What the fuck is wrong with people who think this way?  That is a sincere and open question.  I really would like to understand how people get to these extreme viewpoints, beliefs that are so harmful to others, so cruel and despicable.

  Well, I have some news for you.  If you continue to believe that Donald J. Trump is a kind and intelligent leader who has your best interests at heart....then, stand-up, go into the bathroom and take a good long stare into the mirror.  YOU ARE LOOKING AT A GEN-YOU-WINE, FUCKING IDIOT.  You have put your personal preferences first, decided that other people are not important enough to merit your consideration.  This is the working definition of SELFISH.  How's it feel, asshole?

  The woman in the accompanying photograph is determined to show off her stupidity.  She's not only pissed off that anybody would want her to wear a mask....she's got a Q-Anon t-shirt on.  Now there's a winning combination.  Don't even get me started on how deeply confused and just plain stupid you have to be to think Q-Anon is anything other than a cockamamie conspiracy dreamt up by the likes of Alex Jones.  Now, there's a genius for you.

  Sometimes I imagine hiring a sky-writer with a suitable airplane to spell out a message over Washington DC...where it would be picked-up by the news and be seen by most Americans.  I would ask the pilot to spell out the following message to Americans everywhere.

America....time is running out!

Wake the f**k up!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

From the Frying Pan Into the Fire

    There have been various articles on the web stating that suddenly there is interest in Tucker Carlson running for president in 2024. Apparently, Carlson has the best ratings of ANY cable news show, and he draws a very large audience. Why should we be surprised?  If there is anything to be learned from the last three plus years it is that a significant portion of Americans are dyed-in-the-wool racists.  They are the same people who think the Idiot is a great president and a normal human being....other than being the brightest and most stable person on the planet.

   My reaction to Carlson running is an immediate sense that he'd never make it past the initial phase of the process, because his track record as a racist is so utterly well documented and there are enough Americans--of all colors--to short-stop him.  He's only recently had sponsors flee his show because of such blatant racist comments.  He's as off the wall and as nasty and dishonest as the Idiot. You may as well refer to him as the Idiot v.2. would be a grave error to assume that he's as incapable as the Idiot is.  He's ever so much more dangerous.

  We are living in a time in which all the conditions for chaos and planetary cataclysm--i.e. the climate crisis, the population bomb and the potential for starvation of not millions, but BILLIONS, racial and religious conflicts that have the potential to spiral out of control...not to mention pandemics--are all swirling around each other, becoming a complex and existential nightmare... and we either will rise to meet the challenges, or we will fail and reap the whirlwind.  Recall that all of this political 'sturm und drang' is a mere distraction from the ultimate challenge: will we do what is necessary to mitigate--or at least soften--climate chaos?  Failing to address the Climate Crisis will mean 'game over'. 

    If we elect another idiot we will simply be putting the finishing touches on a failed democracy, and diving down the rabbit hole of a hellish future.  Carlson has all the qualities necessary to be the dictator that the Idiot wishes he could be. And, his appeal to the lowest instincts of racist and hateful people is unquestionably powerful.  He has the ability to communicate, despite the fact that what he does communicate is divisive and hateful.  He is a very accomplished liar....has no hesitation in making what is his warped opinion seem like gospel.  He is brighter and more charismatic than the Idiot and for the audience he attracts, he is messianic.

   There is a part of me that is very concerned about this eventuality.  Another part--the part I hope is dominant and will persist--that feels we are too far along the path of Hope and Change to simply turn away from it.  I do NOT believe that sensible and intelligent Americans will make the same mistake we already made with the Idiot v.1 and anoint a leader who is so clearly a dangerous racist and a hateful divider.  Trump is merely a clown and he's proven that far too many times to doubt it.  But, Carlson is a master liar and manipulator who is not all tied up with mental least not in the same wholly debilitating manner that v.1 is.

  The part of me that is concerned just feels this pang of sadness that such an asshole as Tucker Carlson could become the 'go to' voice of the right.  To adopt him as one's source of 'news' and to accept what he spews means, of necessity, that one is in agreement with him....and I have a deep sense of dread that he is more capable and far more dangerous than the Idiot v.1.

  So, don't take your eye off of this 'ball', because we do not want to wake up one cold morning in 2024 and realize that we must have fallen asleep and now this megalomaniac is in charge. 

Oh, no!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Trump won't walk away.....

   There are more and more articles on a variety of sites putting forward the idea of the Idiot just up and walking away from his re-election.  The reasoning in most of these pieces is that, at some point,  he will see how badly he's going to get clobbered and will want to spare himself from that deep embarrassment.  If we were dealing with a conventionally sane and intelligent person--one whose every decision was not ruled by his craving for adulation and praise--I might think that his fleeing the situation was plausible. For some reason the rock tune by Lynyrd Skynyrd "Gimme Three Steps" comes to mind, particularly the line: "Hey fat fellah with the hair colored yellah, whatchu tryin' to prove?"  And, a little further on: "You could hear me screamin' a mile away as I was headed out for the door."

  But, you and I both know that this fat fellah with hair colored yellah isn't going to do that, right? Over the last three plus years, we have seen a very consistent pattern emerge:  Donny does what will further his sense of personal Grandeur while ignoring anything that might impinge on that.  Or, if he doesn't just look away, more likely, he attacks the offending person or idea.  A normal, sane person considers all the aspects of a particular situation, and then makes a decision on how to approach it based on what seems to have the best chance for accomplishing the task at hand.  Not Donny.  Oh no.
His approach is to brood and skulk, then launch a twitter attack that is full of lies, obfuscation and, in almost every instance, a stream of hateful invective aimed at his perceived wrong-doers.

  With even the slimmest of chances that he will find a way to turn things around, and in the hope that the GOPs cheating methods are once again effective enough to help him steal the election, he will remain in the race.  It is reminiscent of the tale about how to catch a monkey:  you put a grape or nut in a hollowed out gourd, with a hole that is sized so that the monkey can get his hand in, but cannot get his fist, clutching the grape, out.  And, that monkey will refuse to let go of his prize even when it means that he's going to be captured.  So, the story goes in India, anyway.

  Well, that's our Donny Boy.  He's got his eyes on a very big prize that he has not so subtly alluded to for the last three years: he could become president for life, i.e. be like his buddy Vladimir, and have so much power that we cannot get rid of him via any legitimate democratic means.  He wants to be the Emperor of us all.  When he looks skyward and declares to the press that, "I'm the chosen One."  Or when he slyly alludes to Putin, Xi, Erdogan, Kim Jong-un, as leaders who have it all going.....have no doubt that he is doing so as a way of hinting to at least his knuckle-draggers that, "Hey, why not me as President for Life?"  Never mind that we least a helluva lot of us....know the Emperor is buck-ass indication of his being a morally bankrupt asshole who likes to inflict pain, whether it be on immigrant children in cages, or by blowing off a pandemic in the making, that has now killed over 130,000 Americans, many of then who could have survived if the Idiot had stepped-up and been a leader instead of being his usual asshole self and deflecting all responsibility....hell, for ANYTHING.  He long ago failed to get us to see the 'magic underwear' that he's so fond of boasting about.  All I see when I look at him most of the an obese and very florid pink HOG. 

  There's another rock tune, this one from Paul Simon, off of his album, "You're the One".  It's title is "Pigs, Sheep and Wolves", give it a listen and see if you don't agree that it's about the Idiot.  Towards the last part of the tune, there are some lines that seem almost perfect for describing him.

Big and fat
Pig's supposed to look like that
Yeah, this is hilarious
Oh what a great time
I'm the pig who committed
The perfect crime

All around the world
Japan and Scandinavia
Candle light vigils
Protestin' behaviors
It's animal behavior
It's animal behavior
It's pigs, sheep and wolves.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Why is the media avoiding using the 'T' word?

   I spent three years in the U.S. Army as a 'light weapons infantryman'.  Not only was I a 'grunt', I volunteered to be one. I suppose I was a combination of being a rambunctious kid and being blissfully unaware of the day to day realities of carrying a rifle and spending 24-7 getting down and dirty in the field. There were times when I could not remember when I had my last shower, and bathing out of a steel helmet is not as glamorous as it might sound. And, none of this even takes into consideration what it means to have an enemy who is doing his damnedest to kill you.  I was on orders for Vietnam four times, but each time something happened to change those I unwittingly escaped having that traumatic experience.

  My great grandfather, was also in the infantry. In fact, he was just a kid and was too young to carry a musket, so he became a drummer-boy, and he witnessed Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg.  One of his memories that stayed with him and was passed on to me by my grandfather was of seeing a cannonball bounding across the open field.  A Union trooper put out his foot to stop it--much as you would trap a soccer ball--and it took his leg off above the knee. Isn't it odd what our minds choose to capture and hold onto forever?

  My long deceased father-in-law, Donald Downs, was also in the infantry.  He landed at Normandy on D-plus One as a platoon sergeant in the 29th Inf.Div. and spent the following 30 days fighting in the bocage (bulwark like hedgerows) behind Normandy.  During that time he was awarded two Bronze Stars and a Silver Star....before getting his arm shot off by a German sniper.  Life in the infantry takes about all you have each and every day.  And, it makes a huge difference in one's ability to endure each day if you feel good about the folks at home rooting for you, and have confidence that the chain of command is always looking out for your interests. 

  So, when the news story broke about the Russians paying bounties to the Taliban for killing American and Afghan soldiers...and some civilians too, really hit me in the gut.  I could easily believe that Putin was capable of this kind of dastardly deed.  He's an evil weasel, and out to destroy America as a super-power in a thousand different ways.  But, the idea that our esteemed president was absolved of any responsibility doesn't fly.  As the good ol' boys down south have been heard to say, "That dog won't hunt."  Nah.

  There is plenty of evidence coming to the fore that proves ol' Donny boy was briefed and knew this was happening.  He may have ignored a daily briefing paper with this in it...because he has the lazy habit of refusing to read anything that isn't about him....but HE KNEW.  They have even found the money-trail from the GRU to the Taliban. This happened.  And His Cheetoness made a choice to ignore it because he didn't want to piss-off his good buddy, Vlad.  In the several months after this was known to be occurring, Donny-boy had at least four phone conversations with Putin.  Putting bounties on American soldiers was apparently not mentioned.  I refer you to the last post before this one.....for a glimpse of the Putin-Trump relationship. 

 What I want to know is this: if the commander-in-chief knew information that could have saved a single American soldier or marine from getting killed......and did nothing to act on that....then why, for the love of God, is he not a fucking TRAITOR?

Monday, June 29, 2020

Sometimes an Image Really IS Worth a Thousand Words

     In my usual perambulations around the web, I occasionally come across an image that makes a point far better than pages and pages of words ever could.

   With regard to whether or not the Idiot knew the Russians were paying a bounty to the Taliban for killing American soldiers.....I believe this image says it all:

A Time for Cautious Optimism.....And Wariness

     Every morning I spend some time checking a short list of websites that give me an overview of what is happening around the world and especially in America.  I long ago stopped looking at conservative sites because I couldn't find one that didn't lie and distort almost every story they published.  I have spoken with some people who are true 'Foxians', who put their trust in Fox News and believe pretty much everything Fox spouts.  In fact, they cannot get a handle on whether it's misinformation, gas-lighting, pure deception or whatever....because they are too conspiracy prone at this point to even accept that sites like Politifact and Snopes really are in the business of ferreting out the truth.  A true 'Foxian' will tell you that there is a liberal plot behind them, so it's best just to stick to believing people like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, and the list goes on.  They will never accept that these people make their living telling lies.  Politifact, which is actually NOT a propaganda site like Fox, has found that Fox lies approximately EIGHT-SEVEN PERCENT of the time.  Holy, Cow Batman!!!

   So, I suppose, with people that dedicated to feeding on a diet of deception, that it should not comes as a surprise that suddenly one of the most inane and insane conspiracies is gaining traction: Q-Anon.
I am still amazed that anybody at all would subscribe to such stupidity, but, there must be something in the underlying psychological make-up of the people who embrace conspiracies, something twisted and perverse.  One poor deluded idiot attacked the pizza parlor in Virginia where the Q-Anon conspiracy hatchers had said there was a ring of pedophiles operating out of the basement....a ring overseen, or at least participated in, by none other than Hillary Clinton herself.

  Eeeegads!  Really?  And, now, with all the disruption, hardship and insanity surrounding the Covid pandemic....QAnon has begun to gain some real traction.  Did people get bored?  Did sitting around the house for three months, eating Ramen noodles, make them somehow more susceptible to idiocy?

  But, on the brighter side: for the first time during this election cycle, I read an account of The Idiot's campaign and his antics around posting a video in which a bubba rides past shouting, "White Power!". And, he's of course claiming he knew noting about the Russians paying a bounty to Taliban for killing American soldiers. In assessing how the campaign is doing, the writer used the term 'free fall'.  And, this death-plunge is hurtling towards receiving one of the most dismal drubbings in any presidential election in modern times. If I give myself the gift of positive thinking around this, it will be a loss on a legendary level....a good ol' fashioned 'trip to the woodshed'.

  My reaction to reading this was one of initial elation, quickly followed by a self-imposed caveat that it's way too soon to be that optimistic.  The Idiot and his minions will employ all the dirty tricks they can manage to lay their feverish brains on.  Cheating and stealing elections is, by now, familiar ground to GOPs.  They have done so well with it that there is no reason to believe they will suddenly have an epiphany and decide that it's immoral, just simply wrong, in a democracy for one political party to use spurious means to steal an election.  Hey, what counts is where you have landed after the dust settles.  Right?  So, I tell myself to brace for the worst, because the GOPs will surely not disappoint.

   But, there is that part of me that just cannot resist remaining hopeful.  If the young Americans who risked their lives to march in protest over George Floyd's murder, will carry that anger and that fervor forward into the election, anything is possible.  Yes, of course, it will be imperative that people all over the country pay attention, organize and do whatever is needed to ensure that people can vote.  The GOPs will continue to throw every possible obstacle in the way of a large voter turn-out.  They know that if inner-city voters have to stand out in the weather for hours and hours, that many will get discouraged and go home without voting.  In the 'burbs, on the other hand, they want to make it as easy as possible for the largely white population to vote, because both of these scenarios will favor a heavily skewed vote towards the conservative candidates.

  And, we haven't even mentioned all the other nefarious methods that have worked so well for the GOP, i.e. gerrymandering to manipulate the vote, voter roll purges, fewer polling places with more limited hours, voter I.D.s ....and one of the most evil tactics, poll watchers, assholes who hang out at the polls and try to monkey wrench by accusing voters of fraud, or just to intimidate.

  This time, I do not believe that either the younger generation coming along, or the national community of people of color...all colors....will be ready to back down, to just go home and fail to be heard.

Nah.  THIS TIME, they are going to be heard.  I do believe you can allow a slight twinge of optimism around that.