Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mission statement

This blog is linked to my site: It has been created to allow me easier access to posting entries. As always, my goal in putting up my own thoughts is to share my own personally derived opinions and views, in the hope that it will offer the reader some insight into their own life and times. We are all here on this planet like people sharing a lifeboat after a disaster at sea, and how we act and even how we think has an impact on everybody in the lifeboat, to one degree or another. What we do as individuals ultimately becomes a chip in the human mosaic and affects the overall image of The Humans that we are all co-creating. I have a deep-seated belief that we can be of value to each other as we each try to solve the problems and puzzles presented by our own lives and life at large in these times.

For me--as both a life-long artist, and as an 'ethicist'--the ways we express ourselves through our creativity, and how we treat each other are the areas of primary concern. I will be putting up material that is based not on concepts I have read, but on my own personal experiences of my life. Naturally, some people will take exception to my opinions, and that is of course fine. But, please don't expect me to spend time rebutting or defending what I have learned.

About me: you can read an in-depth bio on my website--mentioned above. I am an artist, photographer, writer and have a degree in the philosophy of ethics. My primary focus at age 64 is fine-art painting, but I have always been an observer of life in all its amazing nuances.

Murad, in South Paris, Maine October 18th, '09

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Teresa Evangeline said...

Murad, I really appreciate your thoughts on the human mosaic and the value we can hold for each other. It is what the New Paradigm is all about, I believe. I trust that art will become, is becoming, that beautiful mirror in which we can see our highest selves. Thank you for sharing your thoughts...Teresa Evangeline