Sunday, January 3, 2010

Food Inc. is a must see....

If you consider yourself as having an active conscience, want to participate in bringing changes for the better in fundamental aspects of our daily lives, then I believe you will want to see the documentary film, "Food Inc"

It is an insightful and intelligent examination of what has become of our food and the industry that supplies it, from the farming practices to the engineering of seeds and our national addiction to fast food and foodstuffs that are making us obese and unhealthy.

Did you know....that Monsanto owns almost all soybeans because they genetically engineered soybeans to resist the herbicide Round-up? I sure didn't.

Did you know that they are suing farmers who want to save some seeds for planting the next year's crop (as farmers have done for about ten thousand years) merely because their crops have been contaminated with pollen from nearby Monsanto soy plants...and have therefore, according to the courts, become the chemical giant's property? They even have investigative teams in the field to detect which farmers are in violation.

Do you know how hogs are slaughtered? They put a whole bunch of them in a chute and a huge hydralic ram squeezes them to death.

Did you know that the treatment of packing industry workers is at its lowest point since Upton Sinclair wrote his seminal book, "The Jungle", detailing the horrid abuses of the early 20th century meat-packing industry?

I warn you this movie will make you both sad and angry as hell. But, do you really want to look the other way as corporate interests put food on your plate that is making you less healthy, maybe even killing you?

Rent or buy the DVD and watch it. that you can decide for yourself if this is something you want to remain silent about.


Teresa Evangeline said...

Me, again. Yes, it is a must-see film. Thanks for bringing it to more people's attention. Makes me even more eager to find some acreage, create my own self-reliant life. It's time...

Stapeliad said...

Netflix keeps recommending Food Inc to me but I haven't watched it yet. It does seem right up my alley though.