Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am aware that some people will attack this blog...or question my opinions.  That's fine.  I am a tough old bastard, with a thick skin.  Take your best shot.........THEN DUCK!!  But, when a person hides behind anonymity I will not give them a voice here.  Come as you are...not as a voice from behind a curtain.

Somebody (who has apparently been deprived of having a TELEVISION) expressed skepticism that Rep. John Lewis was really harangued with the 'n-word' as he entered the Nations's Capitol. It is not my intent to cite my sources, nor to verify that what I express here is 'true'.....but, if you think that I am going to sit here and tell intentional LIES, all the while complaining about people who do....then you are a f**king idiot. 

The fact is that this was recorded by the media on VIDEOTAPE... and they had to bleep it in order to not offend the audience with this odious epithet.

This harkens back to the idea that people are going to believe what they WANT TO HEAR....not what actually was said, done or put forward in some fashion.

So, from the cover of anonymity, small people will snipe, deny, try to avoid the TRUTH in any way that they can.  This is a perfect demonstration of the Death of Honor....which I have been pointing to all along.

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