Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh, Sarah........puhleeze.

Well, my favorite comedienne has done it again.  She made up a word: 'refudiate'.  And, actually, I think that is both a pretty cool word--a combining of 'repudiate' and 'refute', apparently--and that it's okay to be creative with language.  But, two things about this little act of creativity just don't ring true.  When the blogosphere and then the media at large jumped on this, she immediately defended it as if she'd done it on purpose.  And, then she compared herself to none other than William Shakespeare. 


Watching Sarah run is thrilling. She climbs into her ego like a sleek and shiny bobsled,  pushes-off, never touches the brakes, hangs on and never looks back.  But, here's the thing.  This is the same vacuous person who told Katie Couric that she reads, "Oh, just everything I can get my hands on."  It's the same person who thinks living in Alaska--which is, after all, 'near Russia'--constitutes some sort of expertise in foreign policy.  It's also the same small-minded person who constantly snipes at people, name calls, uses far-out invective to character assassinate her enemies....keeps an 'enemies list', and on and on.  She's off the snide scale and uses sarcasm like a blunt instrument, instead of the fine scalpel we've come to expect from the great masters of our language. Shakespeare himself was a master of the double-entendre, and he had a rapier for a pen when he chose. But, Sarah Palin is the kind of person who might attend an NHL hockey game and think she could get out there on the ice and skate with the big boys too.  She certainly seems to think she can run in the big leagues of national and world politics....and then she does something like this.....again.

Oh, Sarah, we know you far too well to think that you even made-up the word 'refudiate' on purpose. Every time you open your mouth, it seems to re-confirm what we already know about you. You are a small-minded, vindictive, intellectually incurious, seeker of power, who thrives on bringing out the worst in your supporters and inventing it in your opponents.

Old Will would not be rolling in his grave over your grandiose self-comparison with him at all.  He'd be laughing his ass off. 

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