Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh, Sarah.....let me count the ways you are so unqualified.

If you click on the header above it will take you to an article written by Paul Begala, and published on Huffington Post.  He describes his reaction to the speech put online by Sarah at the same time that President Obama was in Arizona to give what turned out to be a very powerful and sensitive address at the memorial service for the Tucson shooting victims.

Previously, I have outlined the idea that Sarah Palin seems to have some clear symptoms of NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  While I am not a qualified psychologist, I do--and so do you--have the ability to look up and study the list of symptoms that are commonly associated with this affliction.  In my studied opinion, the Begala piece notes in Palin's response to the shooting......a very extensive list of those symptoms.

NPD is becoming more common, or perhaps we are simply more aware of it and recognize it more frequently now.  But, it is not something that is poorly understood by the mental health profession.  When a person persistently draws attention back to themselves....even when one might think that was oddly inappropriate...a red flag should pop up.  Her vitriolic attacks on anybody whom she perceives as against her or in disagreement with her opinion in any given matter are also predictable by now, and this is another hallmark of a person who suffers from NPD.  It is all about Sarah, in damn near any situation she is in.

On her 'reality' show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska", she invited Kate Gosselin and her eight now famous kids, to go out camping in the Alaskan bush.  It happened to be--as it is so much of the time during part of the year--raining, cold and with lots of those pesky Alaskan mosquitoes, just for good measure.  Well, this was not something that Kate Gosselin was really ready to tolerate; she was shivering, getting eaten alive by the bugs, and she let Sarah know that the entire situation SUCKED.  Finally, she decided that she couldn't take any more and packed it in.  Instead of showing concern for Gosselin, Palin made it all about how much she loved being out there, how she'd grown up this way, and that was what Alaskans did for fun.  Once again, it was all about Palin.

In the preparations for going out camping, they went and took a course in how to protect themselves from the possibility of a brown bear coming into camp.  This was essentially a familiarization with the loading and firing of a 12 gauge shotgun, though I did notice that Sarah declined to use any shotgun provided by the favor of her own, which was, of course, equipped with a special recoil reducing stock.  Again, Sarah put herself in the primary role, that of 'protector' of the group, and showed that she could handle the fairly stout recoil of such a gun...sort of (see above).  It was also obvious to this life-time shooter that she was a complete novice at this. And this is despite all the hoopla about having grown up spending large amounts of time in the bush.  Nah.

During the show on her now infamous caribou hunt, they went to a remote, fly-in camp above the Arctic Circle, and the woman running the camp, alone, was what Sarah has wanted us to believe she is: a real Alaskan outdoorswoman.  In fact, this woman had been attacked by a brown bear, struggled back to camp and stitched up HER OWN SCALP....and then got another gun and went after the bear.  Now, that is guts and persistence!!!  I have no idea if Sarah realized that she appeared like a diva in comparison to this woman.  I am surprised that she thought she would benefit from going hunting and looking so utterly amateurish (see previous post: "Diva with a Gun").

So, as dear Sarah prepares--in her own mind--to make the big decision about 2012, bear in mind who this woman really is.  She, in so many ways, is giving us all the information we need to see the truth about her.  The "blood libel' remark was just another piece of that.  In so mis-using that antiquarian term--synonymous with Antisemitism and a perverse justification of persecution of the Jews--she gives us one more indication that she is just plain OFF THE WALL.  

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