Monday, April 12, 2010

Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Abby and I spent time yesterday visiting our friend, Teresa, in Old Orchard Beach, and we were there when the sun was shining and the tide was out.....very nice day at the beach.  Until Memorial Day dogs are allowed on the strand too, and our goldens had a nice time sniffing all the detritus that washes up.  One slightly off-putting moment was coming across a pile of stuff that contained two gloves--not a pair--and assorted other human garbage.....including a used hypodermic needle.  Just a curt reminder that we're hard at work soiling as much of the planet as we can.

But, there was a moment when I stood facing the ocean and realized that I was looking at the most bone-plain display of the mystical elements that is is possible to see.  There was a gentle land-breeze blowing, so the 'big pond' was as gentle and calm as one will ever see her. Something about seeing such a poetic display of earth, air, fire and water makes me feel the planet will survive its encounter with humans.  Of course, it may have to shake us off in order to do so, but, I guess we'll see how it all turns out in the next couple of decades.

In the meantime, here is a record of that moment.  I cannot look at it without being reminded that Earth herself is ALIVE....and, that every aspect of it is completely and inexorably intertwined.

Btw:  there is a FIFTH mystical element:  Ether, and it is a combination of the other four.  Ether is typified by the color grey and is the equivalent of Pranha, Chi or Spirit, however you want to refer to the Life Force.


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