Saturday, April 17, 2010

NEWS FLASH......Obama has secret stash of nukes!!!!!

At the same time that he's making deals with the Russians to pare down our massive nuclear stockpiles....our foreign-born, socialist-commie, anti-christ of a president, has been secretly building an entirely new stockpile.....RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES!!!!!

I certainly would never have believed this had I not seen if for myself.  We already knew that he's a sneaky and nefarious dude....but, this really takes the cake.  Further proof of the horrid truth of my discovery was offered when, as I attempted to photograph the stock-pile, I was approached by a very menacing dude about 6'6, who informed me in no uncertain terms that I COULD NOT photograph there.  Well, being a good tea-bagger, I whipped my little camera out as soon as he turned his back and gathered the irrefutable evidence that we are being duped......again.

Where does this end?   First a foreign-born MUSLIM manages to sneak into the White House, then we find out that he's waaaay too intelligent to be a real least, going by the norm we have become accustomed to....and now we find out that, he's pulling the biggest switch and bait scheme in history.

Beam me up, Scottie.  I am ready........

Uh, Scottie......?   Are you there?


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Anonymous said...

Further more he ain't really black, you know. And the most radical president ever ....

No wonder he wants to go to Mars. Home planet probably!