Thursday, May 20, 2010

I was was a Swainson's Thrush.

Well, I have egg on my face, but, Abby would tell you that I often do....right after breakfast.  Fact is, I was wrong in identifying the bird whose nest I saw as a Wood Thrush.  This morning I approached the nest site from the downhill direction, which would allow me to get eyes on without getting too very close. I asked--okay, I demanded--that the dogs hang back as I crept forward.

As I squinted through the binoculars I could hardly make out the nest opening because a largish dead beech leaf had been pulled in front of it.  Finally, I was able to make out a shiny little eye, and then the rest of her came into focus.  She was greyer, with a hint of olive, not reddish as I had previously thought....but, my only glimpse of her had been fleeting.

I motioned the dogs past the nest, still clueless it was right there, and walked slowly past it myself.  She  was holding tight, not moving a feather, and damn-near invisible even from a distance of four feet.  But, I could see her clearly enough to know that she was indeed a Swainson's Thrush.

It hardly matters, really.  She is also jewel-like and perfect. Her call which you can access by clicking on the above title is very similar, but I did want to be absolutely correct.....lest I lead you astray, eh.

Here is an example of perfection for you.

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Teresa Evangeline said...

"Jewel-like...An example of perfection." She certainly is. The natural world has so much to teach us...