Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Rock Bound Coast of Maine

For almost as long as I have lived here in western Maine, I have also made junkets over to the coast in order to enjoy the scenery and to photograph it.  As I explored over the decades, I found myself drawn back time and again to one particular fishing village: Stonington.   It lies on the outer end of Deer Isle and is a true fishing village with hardly a pleasure boat to be seen in the substantial harbor.  There are, however, about a hundred lobster boats that ply the waters around Stonington and I enjoy being at harbor's edge at first light, when the engines are coughing to life and the waterfolk are beginning their day.

Here are some photos that I took this visit. I think you can see that this place is somewhat timeless in that these images could be from any of the last five or more decades.  Some of these will become paintings, with changes, but, I also like them just as they are.

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Teresa Evangeline said...

Beautiful photographs. Each would make an equally beautiful painting. The one on a hill overlooking the houses and then the water has an especially nice feel to it. Love the red shed...