Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She's gone......ouch.

Yesterday, I walked up the trail towards the thrush's nest with some anticipation that she might be close to hatching the now FOUR eggs I had seen two days earlier.  But, when I approached the nest all I found was a neat little assemblage of pine needles....... and no eggs or mother bird.  I felt a strong pang of sadness, although I know that, yes, this is the way of Nature.  Some make it and some don't.  I am doubtful that the fact that she had chosen to build her nest next to the trail was the deciding factor.  It is also very likely that the thrush herself is alright, and simply had to abandon the eggs because they were discovered. She may even start over in another location; birds often do if the first attempt isn't successful. 

As I have shared many times here with you, the woods are full of critters who pray on other critters or are simply opportunists of the first order.  I was reminded of this last evening as I watched television, and looked out the living-room window to see a very large raccoon walk casually across the street and pause under our neighbor's car before continuing his rounds.


On another note entirely:  A writer rented the house next door to the Palin's in Wasilla and now he's being villified as a 'stalker' and all manner of evil-doer.....not by Sarah's rabid fans, but by Sarah herself on facebook.  She is attacking him as if he posed a physical threat to her family, and I believe--from the Matt Lauer interview this morning--that this is far from being true.  She immediately put an extension on the fence between the properties so that it is now 14 feet high, and then launched an attack on facebook so that this poor bugger is now the target of death threats.

None of this is of any import whatsoever.....except to the extent  it tells us just a wee bit more about who Sarah really is.  She is vindictive, not to mention paranoid, and has an apparent taste for inciting hatred and even threats of violence.  And THIS is the front-runner for national audience....and even office....with the TeaBaggers.  Holy Cow, Batman!!!!   If she had any brains at all, she would connect with this writer, and work to gain his favor or at least to exert a positive influence on what he is going to write....because he IS going to write about her regardless of what she does. If you view the Lauer interview (click on the title above, if you want to see it) you don't come away from it with the impression that Joe McGinnis--a very successful best-selling author--is doing anything creepy or weird.  He's just there......so the fact that his presence is setting Sarah off so badly is something I am viewing as a warning sign of aspects of her character and mind-set that we should all be very wary of.  This is the kind of person who keeps an 'enemies list', and in the unthinkable eventuality of a situation where she would actually have some governmental power at her behest.....I will just bet you that she'd be one very dangerous person.

She could be just the one Sinclair Lewis referred to as:  ".....wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible."  You betcha.

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Teresa Evangeline said...

so sorry to hear about the mama thrush :(