Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Big Wheels just keep on turnin'......

The U.S. Military embraces climate change

Click above to read an article that explains why our military establishment, and a whole lot of other militaries, not only accept that global climate change is upon us, but are actively planning measures to prepare for it.

In fact, the people who want us to believe that it isn't happening, that the, by now, mountain of indisputable evidence is to be disbelieved, are those who will continue to profit from continuing to use polluting sources of energy: the oil companies, of course, the pipeline companies, and on and on.  If we suddenly wake-up and start demanding that substantial changes begin to be mandated, profits in predictable sectors will collapse.

So, they would rather see the environment trashed, and our fate long as they can continue to loot our money, for now.  It I have previously pointed out, however...a fool's deal.  Rather than a symbiotic relationship to the host economy that provides their opportunity to make is a parasitic one, that will eventually kill its host.

But, for some reason that seems unclear at present, this doesn't seem to either occur to them, or play a role in their planning for a sustainable future.  On the rail-line where their train is furiously steaming at thunderous speed...there is nothing but an end of the line, and one helluva train-wreck.  Of course, WE ARE ALL ON THAT TRAIN. They do not give a damn, apparently....and the wheels and rods are churning.

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