Wednesday, April 29, 2020

In the Time of Covid...

Well, here we are, in a full-blown pandemic, something most people only thought of as a bad dream, lurking out there somewhere....until NOW.  No, this is real, and we have just passed another heart-rending milestone: more deaths from Covid-19 than all the fatalities caused by the war in Vietnam. 

For the last three years, I have been using an expression to reflect my own dis-belief, dismay and fleeting feelings of hopelessness.  When the Orange Idiot drops another of his poorly crafted LIES, I have remarked, "If this was a Kurt Vonnegut Jr. novel, you would think the old story-teller had lost his touch....Nah, too stupid, too clumsy and easily disavowed."  But, who could have imagined having a president who lies almost continuously?  He never stops.  Lies just roll out of his pursed, little yap like turds popping out of a rabbit's butt. The Washington Post has managed to keep a tally and we've blown right by 16000 lies.  Yowza!   That is a whole lot of bullshit, friends.

This might not have mattered nearly as much as it does now....if the Covid-19 pandemic hadn't come along.  A situation calling for calm, intelligent (factual and scientific) planning and highly coordinated and efficient being addressed with lies, denials, blame for everybody who isn't the one single person who is really to blame for things getting much worse than they needed to be:  The Big Cheeto. 

Almost in the same breath he said, "I am not responsible.", and "I have all the power."  And, it never even occurred to him that these two positions are irreconcilable.  You can't really lead what is arguably the most powerful nation on the planet....or WAS....and wield all that decision-making power to good effect....and simultaneously deny that you are responsible.....for any damn thing.  You lead, and you are accountable for your leadership.  In this case, we're not seeing any real leadership anyway.  He tweets, and he attacks, and he blames, obfuscates, denies facts and even science...and then wants us to accept that anything that has happened is not his responsibility. 


Sorry, got a little carried away there.  Nah.  The simple truth is we're living a nightmare that has been made many times worse because Captain Bone Spurs is a lying, cheating, elusive and slimy idiot.  Do you really want to argue that his remarks about ingesting or injecting poisons were made sarcastically and in jest?  This is the finest example of 'gaslighting' that  one is likely to find anywhere.  And, believing it would make you as stupid as he is.  And, his sycophants--be they the talking gumbies at Fox, or just one of the fools wearing a MAGA hat and screaming hateful slogans at one of his demented rallys, are proving beyond any doubt that whatever the Big Idiot says is what they are willing to believe....and even to die for.

Here's the really scary part, however.  If this scumbag gets to steal another election....yes, that's right the last election was manipulated, and there is plenty of proof of that.....then we are in mortal danger of losing what was once a democracy that the entire rest of the world looked to as an example of freedom, fairness and vibrant goodness.  We have gone from being the 'good guys' who hit the beach on D-day, ground out a victory on a long list of Pacific islands, beat back the SS Panzers in the Battle of the Bulge....etc, being the laughing-stock of the planet.  WTF!!!??

If this man gets a second term in the White over.  He has already done extreme damage to our country....destroying any institution, agency, regulation or policy that was put in place to act as a protection and a safety net for the ordinary people of America...including those who pick our crops and have no papers.  Anything that was accomplished by Obama is targeted for extinction just because the Orange Asshole is terrified that history will rightly show that Obama was a better president and even a better human being than himself.

So, what's the answer?  How are we going to avoid going down in flames and becoming an autocracy?

VOTE his sorry ass out this November.

That is the single effective act that any American can perform to save our country from a wannabe dictator who is mentally ill.

 And, I can win that argument all day long and twice on Sunday.