Friday, November 27, 2020

Performing exactly as we expected him to perform....


   So, yesterday, the Idiot made an appearance before a 'panel' in Pennsylvania.  Well, okay, he called it in, and had a flunky hold her I-phone up to the microphone so he could blather on about how crooked the election was and that he has won it, " a lot".  Of course, the fact that the election has already been decided and the votes have been counted and re-counted, even as 'poll watchers' from the GOPs tried to interfere, and have all votes from primarily diverse districts tossed out, makes no difference at all to the 'true believers'.  They have tried all sorts of lies and strategies in order to muck it all up....and, thankfully, the courts have tossed their suits out as fast as they're filed.  Many judges have been angered by how poorly formed and completely without any kind of actual evidence these suits have been. 

   The former Trump "Elite strike' team lawyer, Sydney Powell, has stood in front of cameras and made-up some of the most fatuous and ridiculous lies that we have heard to date...and, that is going some, friends.  They were so stupid and inane that she was dropped from the team.  So, now she's raising money via her website and telling donors  (yes, there really are some people stupid enough to donate to her)  to make checks payable directly TO HER.  She's right in there, grifting away as hard as she can, and apparently not wanting to miss getting her share of the spoils as GOPs scramble to hit-up donors while the hitting is still good.

Thank God they are so incompetent and insane.....

    It's just one more clown act from the right.  Rudy Giuliani has acted so bizarrely and stupidly that he's become a primary resource for late night t-v comedy.  You don't have to watch him for long before  you just know he's about three sandwiches shy of a  picnic.  It's too obvious to ignore. One trembles to think of the damage that could have been done by an actual competent and skilled lawyer...but, Rudy is far from being either, so it's actually a good thing for all of us. It is entertaining to watch him in action, however.  And, some of the aspects of his performance could never be planned or anticipated, for example: who could have scripted his black-ish hair dye running down both sides of his face as he screamed and gesticulated for the press?  If that didn't make you both squirm and laugh simultaneously I am not sure what could. 

  Under different circumstances it might be tempting to see it all as dark comedy. It could easily rival the best of the BBC, and the Brits are far and away the best at over-the-top, silly as hell, goofball comedy. But, even as we watch all of this going down with a mixture of glee and horror, we know that the office of the president is no laughing matter when it has fallen into the hands of a man who is wildly dishonest, eager to accumulate all the money and power he possibly can, and is known to be mentally-ill on a level that has put our democracy in dire jeopardy. None of this is really a laughing matter.  People are dying who should not have died....if the pandemic had been handled with real competence informed by actual science. 

  But our very own court jester, the Idiot, would never countenance paying attention to the scientists who actually know how to deal with such a situation. Odd as it seems now, he does apparently continue to believe that he knows more than they do, hell, knows more than ANYBODY about ANYTHING.  But, if it doesn't serve his political ambition, and somehow further his attack on democracy, he is definitely not interested in it. 

  It is feeling now like our task is to hold on for the next fifty-four days and all we can do is to hope that the damage he does during this time is able to be corrected, healed and otherwise mitigated once the Idiot is out on his ass.  He is wholly capable of doing damage that will cause suffering and even fatalities....just for spite.  I mentioned that Hitler tried to do this on a scale that would have left Germany in even more dire straits than it was at the end of the war.  Fortunately, there were officers in a position to keep that from happening.  By the time the Russians were encircling Berlin and Hitler was trapped like a rat in his bunker, many of the generals and other people in positions of power, knew Hitler had gone off the deep-end and some of them made sure that his insane orders to destroy EVERYTHING were not carried out.  As it was, most cities of middle to large size were already piles of rubble.  In the last months of the war Allied bombers had a hard time finding targets that weren't already destroyed.  Finally, they stopped the massive 2500 plane raids because, as one general said, "We're just bouncing the rubble."

  We do not have this luxury with the Idiot.  We're not at war and it's not a matter of infrastructure being damaged.  Rather, it's a question of how much damage he can do to the institution of democracy.  His continued insistence that he won an election that he lost by about SIX MILLION votes, has almost half the country believing that the election was stolen and that a vast fraud has been perpetrated on the country by the Dems.  For starters, the Dems don't have such a sophisticated capability.  They just don't.

   It's like the 9-11 so-called "Truthers' conspiracy".  They made it all up, and it sounds almost as implausible as QAnon and all the other the bullshit currently being pedaled by the GOPs. All evidence to the contrary, no plane hit the Pentagon, nor did they destroy the World Trade Center. (This harkens back to the Idiot saying, "Believe what I tell you....not what you see and hear.")  Truthers want you to believe that what 'really happened' was that the government had wired the towers with explosives ahead of time and the whole thing was staged.  They have all kinds of elaborate explanations as to how this was done....and, when I mentioned this to my son, who worked for the State Dept. as a 'security engineer' at the time, his response was something like: "Dad, it's the GOVERNMENT.  Do you really think they could pull something that complicated and sneaky off?"  He was ideally situated to understand how incompetent the government is in reality.  And, I saw his point immediately.  Some conspiracies are marked by their sheer stupidity and incredibility.  The Kool-Aids, however, don't seem to value 'facts' or the actual truth.  They would rather believe in Tom Hanks eating infants he's just molested.  I know, it sounds too non-sensical to be actually happening...but, it is.

  I can tell you with great confidence that there are nowhere near enough Democratic operatives who could ever manage to pull-off the sophisticated level of conspiracy that would be required to rig the vote across so many swing states.  They just couldn't do it: too many moving parts, too many co-conspirators required, too much oversight, lots of checks and balances. And, it seems every state took the warnings of a 'challenged' election seriously and prepared well for that eventuality.  The professionalism and diligence that they manifested is a very reassuring and marvelous thing.  

  Those who want to choose to believe whatever the Idiot says, are just people who have drunk the Kool-Aid.  Nothing will change their minds and they are invulnerable to facts and hard truths.  

And, as Kurt Vonnegut Jr. used to opine: so be it.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Why do I refer to him as 'the Idiot'?


    Fair question.  Some time back, I decided that I could not write about Trump as if he deserved even the automatic respect accorded someone in the office of the president of the United States of America. He does not.  In fact, he deserves, on every possible level, to be called out for his heinous assault on democracy.  Not only do I despise how this man has used his high office, I have zero respect for anything about him.  Hell, even his golf swing is atrocious.  He's an, I am merely calling a spade a spade by referring to him as one.

   This is not--and has NEVER been--a man who just wanted to be in politics in order to serve the interests of the American people, not even, really, the 40% or so who are his sycophants.  They are the worst suckers of all, thinking even as he panders to the oligarchs and pals like Putin, that he actually cares about them, that he's their Fuhrer and was sent by God to lead them. Eeeegads!!!  Pardon me while I step over there and puke in the potted plant.

Bye Donny....time to head on out.

   The truth is no least not to the 60% of Americans who see that Trump is methodically using the working class to bolster his assault on democratic norms.  In an actual democracy...yes, like the one we keep telling ourselves is so sacred and unimpeachable....the people have the final voice, via their vote.  It's that simple: either the people have a loud and clear ability to express their preferences....or they DO NOT.

  The Idiot prefers the later. As long as the perversion we refer to as the 'electoral college' is in place, it is a question whether or not the votes of the American electorate are indeed being heard.  If you look at how the 2016 election became a Trump victory...when he lost the popular vote by approximately 3 million begin to understand that the electoral college is a corrupt mechanism by which the 'powers that be', i.e. the arcane world of influence and power inside the beltway, can maintain control, even when they need to trample the will of the people as expressed by the popular vote.

  So, here sits the Idiot: this time he's lost the popular vote by over SIX million votes, but, for reasons his mentally-ill mind has deduced, he doesn't feel he needs to pay any respect at all to that fact.  As you must know by now, he has very little regard for either 'facts' or 'the truth'.  They are okay as long as they support his corrupt agenda, but when they disagree and stand as an obstacle, well, they are easily expendable.  

  To date, his campaign has launched 31 lawsuits to try and overturn the vote in various states and especially in jurisdictions where there is a majority black and brown votership.  He knows that people of color are fed-up to here with his lack of leadership and his racism, his treasonous flirtations with Putin and others, his support for white supremacists...and on and on. They are even more sick of this asshole than most of the rest of the country.

   These lawsuits are reminiscent of the old joke about making decisions by throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks.  So far, they have not stuck to the wall and have been quickly tossed out of court by judges, many of whom have even expressed anger and dismay that such fatuous and unsubstantiated arguments even made it in front of them.  Especially with Rudy the Clown, but also with other Trump minions--like hare-brained Sydney Powell (who spouted such a phantasmagorical litany of bullshit to the cameras that it was laughable...and apparently too much even for the Idiot), these people representing the president have not hesitated to stand in front of a phalanx of cameras and spout fantasies and outright falsehoods.  Some of their claims are so outlandish that it's impossible to hear them and not just shake your head.  Stupidity is running the Trump show as his moment in the sun winds down.

  None of this would matter as much as it does if it were not for the fact that we have this pandemic surging out of control all across the country.  It is a dire national emergency and would have benefitted from leadership at the national level....but, that's not something the Idiot is really capable of doing.  It doesn't involve his self-aggrandizing or enriching he's not really very interested in making any effort to ease the suffering or manage the logistical support.  Donny-boy just wants to play golf and tweet about how he's a victim and has actually WON the election, even as it's clear that he's been clobbered by 'Sleepy Joe'.  The Idiot has fumed and vituperated over the idea that he could lose to Joe Biden....who is, after all, senile, weak, stupid, blah, blah, blah....all qualities that we, ironically, now see coming to the fore in Donny's sorry ass.

  In fact, the more we see Joe Biden working on the transition, without any cooperation at all from the current and corrupt administration, the more presidential he is becoming.  He's a decent soul, not perhaps the mega-charismatic that Obama is, but he's mature and experienced and I am increasingly convinced, he's exactly the right person for the job of leading this beleaguered country at this moment in our history.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Mental Illness on full display now......


     It's almost as if the Idiot has no choice.  In fact, he actually doesn't.  His mental state is so fragile and so distorted that it is literally not possible for him to speak the words that would acknowledge his loss and concede the election to Joe Biden.  He really just cannot admit he LOST.  I get this image of him being mimicked by Alec Baldwin in an SNL skit:  He opens his mouth to say the fatal words....and nothing comes out.  He tries again and again, but the words won't come.  

  So, he decides that he can't say he lost because HE DIDN'T!  And, he starts tweeting: "I won the election.", or better yet: "I WON THE ELECTION!!!!!!"  And, suddenly he becomes an echo of John Lovett's SNL character who lied and then embellished his lies, "Yeah, that's the ticket!  Right!  I WON!!!"  Never mind the numbers; they're all fake." And, here we are.  We have an obviously mentally impaired person in the position of ultimate power, charged with running the government of the most powerful country on earth.  Uh, let me re-phrase that: we have a nut-job who has completely given up on running the government in order to play golf and tweet that he is the winner of an election that he has lost by over 5 million votes. 

He is mentally impaired.  And, it's not going to suddenly go away.

     It's becoming apparent to all those who have been closely observing the Idiot for the last five years, that he is diving further and further down the rabbit hole of insanity.   He is now engaged in a furious scorched earth campaign to destroy and disrupt the various functions of our government.  Whether it's the environment having any and all protections stripped away and the bones sold to the highest bidder in order to drill for oil or mine for precious ores, or the agencies who are responsible for maintaining and protecting various aspects of commerce and safety in our food and the FDA, or the Department of Agriculture....he is doing his damnedest to disrupt and destroy all of it.  Every day he has another idea about how to cause as much pain and suffering as he possibly can, to punish all of us for not re-electing him.  

[Aside: this is very much akin to what Hitler did from his Berlin bunker.  As the war came swirling down around him, he ordered the destruction of all German nothing would be of value to the Russians and the rest of the Allies.  He was telling the German people that they did not deserve to survive, as a nation or as individuals, because they had betrayed him.]

   He's an out of control, raging mental-patient at this point....and who is going to do something, hell, ANYTHING, to get him under control?  He's been voted out.  This doesn't apparently matter to his enablers, foremost among them: Moscow Mitch, along with the typical cast of bad actors, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, etc. etc. Only a very small number of GOP politicians are willing to add their voice to the people reminding the country that we had a very transparent and accurate election.  The votes were not 'illegal' or 'invalid' or 'fake' the Idiot and his minions would have us believe.  In fact, the people in each state responsible for making the election honest and accurate did an immensely difficult job with dedication and very professional skill....and they succeeded, despite all the obstacles imposed by the pandemic and possible interference from various bad players, like Russia, Iran and China.  They did a fantastic job and there is not a single piece of credible evidence to suggest that the election was corrupted.

  But, the Village Idiot doesn't  bother with such things as facts....ugh.  They are way too inconvenient, especially when they reflect a reality that you cannot accept.  So, just make it up. That's no surprise.  He's been faking it the entire time he's been president.  He lies like a fish swims or a bird flies.  It's his most common and his natural state of being: open funnel-shaped hooter, spout lies....or better yet, tweet them. 

  So, here we sit, waiting for law suits with frivolous claims of corruption, and re-counts that will not change the overall outcome...and we wait.  This would not be as ridiculous and as damaging and downright dangerous as it is, if it weren't for the pandemic that is now again raging across the country.  Hospitals are reaching their limits, in terms of beds, staffing, supplies, and just having the energy to keep going even as this gets way worse than it had to be if the Idiot had done his job to begin with. 

   And, as this nightmare of a resurgence is over-taking the entire country, the Idiot has walked away from doing a damn thing to help.  He's actually doing things that will cause additional death and blocking any transition activity and withholding any transmission of data and knowledge to the Covid-19 task force that the Biden team has created.  There needs to be a full and unrelenting exchange of information and help on any level that can be rendered....not active efforts to confound, delay, obstruct and otherwise add to the suffering.

  The Idiot golfs and tweets, concerned only with his attempts to steal the election and what a terrible victim he is.  

  How long do we wait?   How many people will die needlessly from this virus because he didn't do his job?

  Somethings gotta give.   



Wednesday, November 11, 2020

We knew this was coming....


     The continued denial of the election's results really comes as no surprise, does it?  He's been telegraphing this move for at least a year, with statements like: "The only way I can lose is if the election is rigged."  And, while those of us who are still using our brains know that it's a strategy and a losing one at that....his loyalists, whom we kindly refer to as Kool-Aids now....swallow his lies, hook, line and sinker.

  The Idiot says it and it must be true....even though there is absolutely zero evidence to back-up his lies, they are right on board with it.  And, let's be honest, what else would you expect, right?  But, what he is doing is inexcusable and potentially permanently damaging to our democracy.  The ability of Americans to participate in free and fair elections is one of the basic building blocks of our freedom. It is the only way in which most of us can actually have a voice as to where the country is going.

   But, ol' Donny-boy is not into 'free and fair' any-damn-thing.  He's into, "Me want, me must have. Gimme 'dat!" And, that means he needs to short-circuit the electoral process....because he knows that if the voice of the people is heard...he's out in the cold and facing all kinds of lawsuits and even criminal charges potentially. So, it makes complete sense that he would engage in this gaslighting and lying his ass off.  Hey, it's what he's good at: lying.

  The people in the GOP who should know better and behave according to the constitution and the body of law...are his retinue of assholes, beginning with Moscow Mitch McConnell and Pompeo, who gave a presser yesterday in which he said:"There will be a smooth a second term for President Trump."  But, Pompeo knows that this is all political theater and he also knows that Trump's ship is listing hard to starboard and settling at the stern.  I.e., it's going down.  He actually said this nonsense knowing that....and, he said it with a clearly visible smirk that gave away his cynical attitude towards the whole mess. 

  So, what are we to do?  Apparently 70% of GOPs believe that there was indeed a fraudulent election....despite the complete absence of hard evidence.  I find that both astonishing and reprehensible.  Many of them should know better.  But, as is their habit in the last years...they are willing to drink the Kool-Aid for the Idiot.  Is it because they're terrified of what a Democratic administration will do?  Is it because they think Biden is some kind of wannabe communist?  Do they believe the country really would be better off under the non-leadership of the worst president to ever occupy the office?

  Apparently so.

  And, that is the Great American Tragedy of our times.  The pandemic is spiraling out of control.  The experts...which the Idiot wants us to ignore....are estimating that things are about to get far more dire than they were even last March, April and May.  We are setting daily records for new infections, and the damage that is being done is going to impact America for decades.  

  But, despite this FACTUAL knowledge...the Idiot and his administration want us to pretend that it's all going away and we should just carry on as if things were normal.  He's leading the country towards the 'herd immunity' that will kill over a million--maybe several times that--Americans. 

The "most dangerous man on the planet"

    If I was reading this in a novel, I would be shaking my head and saying to myself that it's not very skilled storytelling....too exaggerated and clumsy, with plot-twists that are too stupid to be really believable--like Rudy Giuliani booking the Four Seasons Landscape center, for a press conference...instead of the Four Seasons Hotel he thought he was booking.  So, there he was, in an industrial parking lot, with a porn store on one side and a crematorium on the other.  If it was a Kurt Vonnegut Jr. story, I would think he'd lost his touch for it.


  And, we need to speak out.  Our votes didn't do enough to remove the Idiot.  He's not intending to go away and he IS intending to commit mayhem for as long as he can get away with it.  So, we need to continue letting our congressional and senate representatives know that what the Idiot is doing is completely UNACCEPTABLE.  He is out of a very big way! 

   Just this morning, I read that he's replacing large numbers of senior personnel at the Pentagon, with his own trusted sycophants.  It's not yet clear what his thinking is behind this move.  But, I can only imagine that he is planning to somehow misuse his authority as president to do something that legitimate pentagon personnel wouldn't go along with.  So, yes, install some lackeys and then start trouble.

  As his niece, Mary Trump, has pointed out to any news outlet that will give her the opportunity to do so: this is the most dangerous man on the planet right now.  There is no idea that he will behave in any fashion other than that of the authoritarian he dreams of being. Donny the Dictator is going to pull a fast one. You wait and see.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Too soon to count the chickens? Nah.


   Yes, it was one of those moments in a person's life that will be remembered until the end of days.  It was an immense relief to finally hear Joe Biden and Kamala Harris declared the winners of this endless and bitter election season. It was well anticipated, but something this big never feels real until it is 'in the creel' so to speak.  

   And, of course, it was anticipated by just about everybody who has been a witness to the last four years, that the Idiot will not only fail to act like a decent human being, he is predictably acting like a petulant 12 year-old...throwing a temper tantrum and pouting.  He's not going to ever admit that he's a loser...but, history won't hesitate to assign that term to him on all sorts of levels.  He's a loser when it comes to being a wise and capable LEADER.  He's a loser when it comes to feeling anything human in the face of a pandemic that has already killed almost 240,000 of our countrymen/women.  

   In fact, he's a loser on so many levels that it's easier to just consign him to the loser's corner and begin working on recovering from all the damage he's inflicted on our society.  There's a lot of work to be done in just getting the country back to a positive place....even becoming at least a little bit optimistic for a change.

Whaaaaaa!!!! Whaaaaaa!!!Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    But, it's really quite astonishing to see a man so seemingly intent on leaving a negative legacy behind.  History will not be kind to Donald John Trump....oh, no, it won't.  In fact, it will elevate him to the status of 'worst ever' in a broad array of areas.  And, despite this, he is still busily shoveling away at deepening the already abysmal hole that he's been digging all along.  At some point, one might think he'd step back and actually SEE what is happening as a result of his stubborn stupidity.  Even when there is an option to ameliorate a situation, to just slightly improve it, he inevitably chooses to make it worse than it already is.  At least he's consistent, eh.

  So, here we are, a week out from this election in which the American people turned out in record-setting numbers.  I actually tear-up when I contemplate how many people spent hours and hours standing in line to make certain that their voices were heard.  I don't think it's an exaggeration at all to say that they acted heroically, above and beyond what might have reasonably been expected.  It seems readily apparent that Americans knew by the millions how much was at stake in this election.  And, it was clear all along that if the Idiot got a second term our society would be in deep shit.....very deep.  It became almost cliche to hear pundits say that our democracy itself was on the line........but, IT WAS.  

  Now, the Idiot will continue to be absolutely predictable and do all he can to de-legitimize the election.  He's already lost 9 law suits that were easily set aside as being frivolous because you actually need EVIDENCE of wrong-doing if you want to have a case at all, much less a winning case.  The GOPs have produced lots of innuendo and absolutely no credible hard evidence that any fraud or cheating took place.  The people in each state who were responsible for holding fair and honest elections clearly knew how much was on the line and that they would be accused of all manner of ill committed in order to steal the election.  So, their efforts were ongoing and effective to make certain none of that happened....and they succeeded magnificently.   

   Of course, that will not slow down the Idiot and his weenies as they continue to gnash their teeth and wail that it was a crooked election.  They are used to creating their own 'truths' and have no hesitation to re-write the narrative along the lines that Donny, the Idiot, wants them to.

  He's desperate now.  He absolutely cannot stand the idea of being a LOSER.  Mary Trump, his niece who is also a PhD. psychologist, is certain that--based on her knowing him her entire life--that the Idiot will do all he can to wreak havoc as he is dragged, kicking and screaming from the White House.  

   Mary Trump is not joking when she warns us what he is capable of.  He's already intimated to some of those around him that he won't leave the Oval Office voluntarily. Okay, fine.  We can deal with that.  As of noon on January 20th, he will officially become a trespasser and can actually be dragged out.  And, actually, that is the option I am holding out for.  I would relish his being forcefully removed, whether he has a big, burly U.S. Marshal on each side of him, or is strapped to a gurney, screaming epithets.  And, that will be a first for any president, a low-point even for the Idiot....a meaningful contribution to his 'legacy'.  

I wonder how that will be reported on in his 'presidential library', eh.   He may actually not even have one because he'd have to pay for it and God knows he wants the taxpayers to pick-up all of his expenses at many times the going prices.

  So, go ahead, Donny-boy, scream and whine all you want.  Your Kool-Aids will scream right alongside you and they will believe all of your lies.  But, the rest of us.......well, we just want to see you GONE, GONE, GONE.  

As in, "Bye-bye, Asshole"


Monday, November 2, 2020

D-day and H-hour.....are almost upon us.


  Most people think that the term, "D-day" is unique to the June 6th '44 invasion of France by the Allies.  It will always remain associated with that day, but it also was used to denote any invasion by amphibious forces during the Second World War. And, "H-hour" is likewise interchangeable among dates, times etc.  The 'D' and the 'H' are just meant to denote that a particular time and date are the ones when it will all go down.

  And, here we are.  It will be D-day and H-hour tomorrow.  And, there is as much riding on this election than there has been at any time in America's past.  We are standing at a junction of two paths. The one on the left leads toward a new age of enlightenment, a time in which values such as love., harmony and beauty will serve as guiding lights for how people choose to treat each other. 

   The one on the 'right' leads toward a deepening darkness and more Donald J. Asshole in the White House. It will be a time in which the Idiot's elevation of such values as hatred and violence are accepted as 'how it is'.  And, given that opportunity, he will use it to essentially destroy what remains of our democracy.  How do I know this?  Because his actions over the last four years and his warnings in his usually non-sensical speeches tell us exactly this.  

   So, here we are, after the long months, even years, of waiting, we are about to engage in this most quintessentially democratic process of all: an election.  And, it hardly needs saying...again....but, without the ability of people to go to the polls--or use alternative means such as absentee voting--and cast a vote in safety, without fear that it will be ignored, invalidated, LOST or otherwise interfered with...a democracy is dead in the water. It cannot be alive and a real means of running a country unless there are fair and honest elections.


  You almost certainly know why I am giving that sentence such emphasis.  Our ability to have such an election, to freely and honestly express every citizen's choice, is in dire straits.  In fact, if you are a person of color, living in a low-income zone of one of America's big urban areas, it's likely that you have already been harassed, blocked, discounted, warned off, made to stand for ridiculous amounts of time, often out in the weather, just to get to vote.  The GOPs have done everything in their power, and much that isn't allowed for them to do...yes, make it harder for black, Hispanic, and lower income people in general to vote.  They have re-arranged 'gerrymandering' order to concentrate the lower income groups in outrageously circuitous voting blocks, and maximize the impact of the votes of white and middle-income voters in the suburbs.  


Time for him to go......

    As obtuse as he is, the Idiot still understands that the only way for him to 'win' another term in office is to cheat.  Doing it by means of a fair and honest vote is way beyond his reach at this point.  So, they are perfectly willing to break the law and have gotten very good at packing courts with judges who support this approach.  They get around the violations with platoons of lawyers who can drag cases against them through the legal system for ages.  They also dispute any decision that would support fair and honest voting by people of all ethnic and economic stripes....just to make it more difficult for us 'libtards' who want honest elections.

  Now, as we stand on this precipice, ready to spread our wings and make the leap, once again, we have already been forewarned by the Idiot and some of his minions, that they will make having a clean election difficult to impossible.  I will not go into describing the various strategies that have been mentioned; that's not what matters right now.  Unless there is such an overwhelming margin of victory by democratic voters that it makes questioning it a joke....we should expect every possible sneaky, disruptive and disgusting tactic from them.  It's what they do; it's who they are.  

  What I am hoping to do here today is to remind you just how much is at stake and how dire the situation is.  If we can manage to unite under the banner of a common cause, i.e. defeat the Idiot in the White House, and bring together the concerns of wildly diverse groups of citizens, then we can do it.  The interests of Black Lives Matter, middle-class white suburbanites, young people who are now aware of how much trouble we're in with a host of things, particularly the environment, Hispanic people, immigrants, LBGTQ Americans, WOMEN IN ALL CATEGORIES....Labor Unions, Health care workers, and every other category I've overlooked.....all of us.....if we can work together and start by making sure every possible vote is cast against the Idiot....then we will have become an unstoppable force and we can soon begin the process of taking back the country.

  The people who have drunk the Kool-Aid are not going to change.  They have embraced all the qualities that the Idiot brings to the table, you know the list, but being a White Supremacist and a fascist are perhaps the most notable and dire...and this makes them just like their idol, all the despicable qualities he has shown.....are now theirs too.  As I have said before:  you cannot support a racist and not be one yourself.  YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO.