Monday, May 24, 2021

Beyond merely stupid.....


   Marjorie Taylor Greene is in the news multiple times each day.  I am certain that this pleases her on some level, but, the content of what is being published is not something she would ever accept as being accurate and truthful.

  Her latest gaffe is a doozy.  She compared being told to wear a mask in congress to being a Jew in the Holocaust.  I know, I initial reaction was, "She didn't really say that did she?"  But, as anyone familiar with her might guess, oh yes, she did.  So, in her crenated little dried pea of a brain, being snatched up in the middle of the night and shipped off to a concentration camp, most likely to be gassed right off the train or, worked and starved to the moral and emotional equivalent of being told to put a little swatch of cloth or paper over your nose and mouth so that a killer virus has a harder time spreading and killing more than the SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND people it has killed already.

  Words fail me.  And, then, to rub some salt into the wound, she comes back at the press saying, "I said nothing wrong."  And, although one might suppose that in her very strange little world that is actually true, it's still somewhat astonishing that this is coming from an elected member of our federal government.  If she was back in Georgia, running around shooting wild hogs with her assault rifle, nobody would even notice, much less give a flying fart who she is or what she says. She's just another southern, red-neck crack-pot.

  But, she is in congress, elected by the good people of Dalton Georgia to do....we presume...exactly what she is doing, taking hammer and tongs to anything that the Biden administration wants to get done. Taking at least some hints from her mentor--the Big Idiot himself--Marjorie is not satisfied with just pursuing politics as usual.  No, no.  She, from the very beginning of her term there has been determined to defy every possible rule, slay every liberal dragon, all the while subscribing to whatever strange and stupid conspiracies fly past her lily-pad.  Just give her something to climb on and she's there.

 So, for the millions of Americans who have no difficulty recognizing that Marge has gone off the rails sometime ago, there is a need to process and somehow accept that this is what is happening.  It's not really that much of a stretch when you consider how far out there the entire far-right is.  When we use the term, 'far' to describe the most radical and fascist elements of the political landscape....we really mean, in her case that she's way around the bend.  Jim Acosta was quoted this morning as saying, "Her brain is broken."  And, that may be a polite way of saying it but Marjorie Taylor any reasonable definition of the fucking NUTS.  

  She is continually insulting and verbally assaulting anybody who disagrees with her in addition to trying to destroy all things liberal.  She has this idea that she was sent to Washington to be some kind of wrecking ball.  She's given tons of evidence that she is a deeply committed racist, is always willing to attack Black Lives Matter, or any view of society that doesn't lend itself to the continuing progress toward a wholly White Supremacist country.  Of course, one could argue that we're already there, have been for over 400 years, but, it has been kind of slip-shod in the last few decades.  Hell, we even had a black president for eight years.  But, in reality, old, rich white men have been running the show forever.  But, what the Taylor Greenes of this world want to see is a hardening and a deeper kind of racism that is fully ingrained and supported by the courts and law enforcement....even more so than it already is.  

  While Americans in the demonstrated by their SEVEN MILLION vote majority in the election...want a country that is fair, less destructive of peoples' lives and even the environment.  That doesn't really sound all that impossible, does it.  But, for the broken brains among us, like Margie, it is completely unacceptable.  They are sure that the so-called 'Brown Wave' is coming and it will destroy life as they know it.

  So, here we are.  The country is in danger of falling off a precipice into a deep darkness that has all the makings of a true fascist system.  Courts will get even less fair, especially if you are not white or rich.  Law enforcement will have blanket permission to treat the lower echelons of society with cruelty and hatred.  It's already there in many respects, but with all the changes that have happened, i.e. George Floyd, the violent attempt to overthrow the government on January sixth, a pandemic, an economy that is prepping for disaster....and a GOP determination to be certain that poor, Black, Hispanic and all minorities will never get to vote without jumping through as many hoops and obstacles as possible.  They know full well that they will never win another major election unless they are able to significantly suppress the votes of the millions of voters who put Joe Biden in office.  And, since the November election, in addition to attempting to steal the government outright, they have been busy putting those obstacles in place.  Whether or not they can be stopped from succeeding in this all out assault on our democracy....remains to be seen.

  But, it's happening.  And, now we need to keep the faith that we can prevent this unfolding national calamity. It's getting about time to do away with playing by their rules and, for starters, get rid of the fillibuster so that Moscow Mitch and his crooked cronies will be less able to block every damn thing the Biden administration is attempting to do.  As he did when Obama was first elected, McConnell has announced that his energy will be completely focused on blocking EVERYTHING that the Democrats are trying to do.

  If they succeed.  It will also be 'game over' for global warming mitigation and prevention.  It will mean that we continue marching in lock-step down the road to oblivion at an ever increasing pace.  And....dear fellow human being, that is NOT an exaggeration.