Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Thank God for Anthony Fauci...


   You might  have seen various news articles yesterday and this morning, reporting that Anthony Fauci called a congressman a 'moron'.  It happened that Dr. Fauci thought his mic had been cut and he was not going viral with this opinion.  However, I am very glad he did. And, the senator, Roger Marshall, from Kansas, really seemed intent on earning that sobriquet.  In fact, his lame and baseless attack on Dr. Fauci was only matched in its profound idiocy by the attack launched by long-time professional Idiot, Rand Paul.

Doctor Anthony Fauci 

   In all of these past months, we have watched as Anthony Fauci practiced amazing restraint in the face of ongoing GOP attacks....including ongoing efforts by the Big Orange Idiot himself to belittle and disenfranchise this life-time devoted public servant.  And, if you doubt that Anthony Fauci is exactly that all you have to do is go back and look at his record.  

  The man has, throughout his entire career, only wanted to understand potentially disastrous viruses and other biological threats and offer his best guidance on how to cope with them, both as individuals and as a society.  It's what an epidemiologist does and he's one of the best in the field.  He had to sit there during the disgustingly narcissistic White House Covid briefings as The Idiot spouted denial and nonsense.  It was only Dr. Deborah Birx who was present to witness the Idiot's descent into madness as he suggested we drink bleach, stick powerful lights up our asses and other nonsense.  There was a collective gasp that rippled across the land, when he turned to Birx and asked if these non-sensical actions could be "....looked into".  I still find it astonishing that the Idiot himself has no clue how he appears during such sessions.  But, that is also why he's gone to great lengths to surround himself with sychophantic grovelers who nod and drool as he expounds his nonsensical bullshit.

  Time and time again, Anthony has tried in every way he can to bring the Covid narrative back to basic, fact-based science, to remind us that getting vaccinated and boosted, wearing masks and avoiding close contact in public, and even some family settings, are the way to avoid being one of the poor bastards who end-up begging for the vaccination as they hurtle down the long dark tunnel towards death.  How many stories have you seen where some fool has railed against the vaccines....only to wind-up in the ICU on a ventilator and then dying?

 Tucker Carlson, and his cute little friends at Fox, have been telling anybody who'd listen to avoid getting vaxxed....even as they are vaxxed themselves.  It is not an exaggeration to state that they are KILLING PEOPLE with this despicable advice.  It's a fact...something most GOPs apparently have an allergic reaction to.

  For two years now, Anthony Fauci has remained true to his mission: getting people to believe in science and to accept facts as provable, useful truths...ones that can save your life.  He has not only been viciously maligned by assholes like Marshall and Rand Paul, he has had death threats and even threats of harm to his family, always, of course, couched in vulgar and violent rhetoric.  He's put up with more than most people would ever be willing to tolerate, and, yet, he's still out there in front of the cameras trying to convince the country that we can cope with all of this simply be following the science and getting vaccinated.  It's his mission in life, and he's very likely saved more lives than any other single individual, by being so consistently and blatantly honest....despite what it has cost him and his family. 

  He's an honorable, patient and wise man.  And, not only that,  he's a gentleman.  But, even a person of his honorable standing and decency has their limits.  And, I, for one, was very gratified to hear him voice his once again honest opinion of a senator who has acted dishonorably, dishonestly and is simply a goddamned fucking ASSHOLE.

  You go, Tony.  

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