Monday, July 4, 2022

Truth and Credibility


    If you are unaware of the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson last week, that puts you in a very small minority.  Surrounded by mystery and anticipation, she was given a special session by the Jan 6 investigative committee...and, once it happened we saw why she merited such special consideration.

  On the surface, Ms. Hutchinson seems rather insignificant, even ordinary.  She's a former aide to Mark Meadows, Trump's Chief of Staff, of course, and she has a fairly impressive CV working for other conservatives, like Ted Cruz, for example.  But, until she sat down in front of the congressional committee, nobody would have imagined that her testimony would send the entire investigation into a new looking directly at Trump as a criminal actor in fomenting the insurrection....which many GOPs still and amazingly claim was simply 'tourists' visiting their government's seat.

Cassidy Hutchinson, a profile in courage

  From the very first moments that she began to answer the committee's questions, it was apparent that this was somebody special.  Special?  Yes, very much so. She was clearly organized with her notes, and she spoke without emotion and with great clarity of meaning.  Her demeanor was--at least on the exterior--calm and ready to offer explanations for the sake of clarity where necessary or requested.

  Many decades ago, when I was a twenty-something initiate in my Sufi order, the Ruhaniat, I took a class in which the esoteric papers discussed the nature of peoples' physiognomy, i.e., the structure of a person's face.  I won't go into it here, but the long-term take-away for me has been the often validated notion that the quality of a person's ego and their soul are clearly visible in their face.

  The cliches along this line are many:  cruelty, intelligence, kindness, stupidity, wisdom, dishonesty....and on and on.  It requires very little skill or practice to see these qualities; one might say they are a bit like a 'table of contents' for a person's ego and their spirit as well.

 So, when Cassidy Hutchinson sat before a congressional committee and spoke, her face was telling the audience that  she was being clear, concise and TRUTHFUL.  You could not sit there in any kind of reasonably sane mindset and not see this.  

  And, this is precisely what scares the shit out of all the sleazy GOPs who just wish the entire episode and all the revelations surrounding it...would go away.  Forever.  But, much to their chagrin and embarrassment, it is not going away, quite the opposite.  Some pundits are now saying that others with inside knowledge of Trump, et al, behavior in the period leading up to and during the attempted coup, are being emboldened by Ms. Hutchinson's courage and honesty....and are coming forward to match, validate and supplement what she offered.

  For the first time, it's becoming apparent how serious the entire coup plot was and how close it came to becoming our national nightmare.....a Trump government for the foreseeable future.

 Very and almost boringly predictable, the GOPs have responded to Ms. Hutchinson's speaking of truth to attacking her on as many levels as their wee brains can find.  Starting with the Orange Idiot himself, and following down the line of despicables, i.e.Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Ron Johnson, Gomert, Bobert, and the great Moron: Taylor Greene.   They are becoming increasingly panicked as they realize that most of the country is not at all willing to let 'bygones be bygones' over the most  horrifying day in modern American history.  

  People, starting with the Idiot himself, plotted an illegal and treasonous overthrow of the government of the United States of America....and, that is not something that will go away.......ever.  There is also the clear sense in many quarters that Jan 6 was a REHEARSAL and if we don't deal with it definitively and to the fullest extent of the will come back to haunt us.

  It's very difficult, almost impossible, in fact, to get my head around the fact that approximately one third of Americans are ready to destroy our democracy if it means holding onto the power to opress.  Opress what?  People of color, i.e. the "Brown  Wave' that is coming to take over.   Women, already doing that at the supreme court level and all other levels.  LGBTQ is in their sights too, as are just about every person who is not exactly like them: white, Christian, straight, and far-right.

  So, America, what do you want to do about all this?  

  Please don't just sit on your ass and ignore it.


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