Saturday, March 27, 2010

Something in the Way She Moves Me.....

Sarah Palin has been recruited by John McCain to help him remember where he left his brain.  Just kidding....sort of.  She IS getting equal podium time in his Arizona stumping though.  He is such a dry piece of toast, that he apparently needs her--all gussied up in a black motorcycle jacket...a new look that is sure to draw some 'woofs' from the Harley crowd--to help him not put audiences to sleep as he drones on about his intent to repeal the Healthcare Reform Act...just in case anybody thought he WASN'T on the side of the insurance companies.

My wife had to physically restrain me when Palin appeared on the evening news tonight....I was on the verge of throwing something at the t-v.  Her voice now sounds like broken glass to me...but, that's not the real problem.  She is just so caustic and abrasively derisive as she mouths her brainless opinions of President Obama's first real victory, and tells us that we really HATE the idea that insurance companies will finally have to practice some restraint in their desire to separate us from our money while denying as many claims as possible.

In all the blather about whether or not this new law will be the end of democracy as we know it--which I hope it WILL BE, based on the fact that it may move us away, at least a little bit, from being sheep that the insurance companies get to fleece--she is, of course, one of the most prominent voices in stirring the conservative rank and file into a lather.  And, just in case anybody doubts her intent, she has used the term 'reload' to describe what she wants the band of idiots to do.

May I remind you at this point, that I am NOT A LIBERAL. I am just an American citizen who is waaay beyond sick of corporate GREED, and of companies who have given themselves permission to rape and plunder ALL OF US. What I find truly stupendous is that so many people out there across the land, really don't seem to get that this is what they have been doing all along.

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