Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Passing of an American Giant.


     Regardless of anything he could possibly do in the hopefully short time the Idiot has left in politics....he will never even touch the accomplishments of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  What you have are two examples of extremes in personalities.  On the one hand, RBG spent her entire life doing whatever she knew to be the right thing, serving the 'little people' and trying to make legal decisions that would make their lives feel more fair, less abused by an uncaring system.  

   On the other hand, you have a man who has spent his entire life doing anything at all to accumulate wealth and power.  And, while the Justice has left a legacy that will be a permanent part of American jurisprudence and go into the history books for multiple accomplishments....poor Donny-boy will have a legacy that is shrouded in a dark vail of intentional harm inflicted on others in order to get his way.  He has behaved as poorly as possible, especially in terms of just being a decent Human Being.  No need to take his inventory again; you already know the list, at least most of it.  He's a cess-pool of a man.  He has no hesitation to lie, cheat, steal, and to commit any act that will further his personal greed...for both money and power.  History will not be kind to Donald John Trump.....no it won't.

  So, on the other side of the equation we have a woman who will--already does, actually--have a legacy that historians will use as an example of a pioneer in her field and one who demonstrated not only the highest sense of duty and a devotion to ideals, but was willing to struggle mightily....even as she fought bravely to beat cancer.....and still perform her duties as a justice, in order to serve the people, and particularly the women, who otherwise would have little to no standing in the arcane world of constitutional law.  She was diminutive in stature...physically....and a giant in terms of her impact on people even beyond the United States.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg was cut from the same cloth as John Lewis, a hero for our time, and a decent human being on all accounts.

  Donald J. Idiot is the complete antithesis of RBG. If you wrote down a list of character qualities and how they range the spectrum from Heroic to Depraved Indifference, from compassionate to sadistic, you could use these two people to illustrate the polar opposites at either end of it.  She was everything a human being would aspire to be, and he is an example of what it means to remain totally unconscious throughout one's life.  She was willing to sacrifice; he is willing to sacrifice others...their well-being, even their lives...in order to get what he wants for himself.

  In the world of ethical philosophy they are as starkly juxtaposed as it is possible to be.  And, she is on her way to being an example to future generations.  Mothers will hold her up as a person of wisdom and intelligence....and, more importantly, a person of great compassion.  Donny-boy is destined to become a cartoon-character of a politician who was so self-obsessed and so out and out despicable that he will have managed to raise the bar for how disgusting a human being in a responsible position can be.  He will be understood as having been mentally-ill and very harmful to all that he touched.  Historians will debate for generations how he managed to gain such a high office. 

  I have always felt...yes, since childhood....that money is life's major distraction.  So many people are charmed by its massive allure and spend their entire lives trying to amass it.  But, at some point, an older soul sees that money is a trap.  Unless you really decide to use it for philanthropic purposes and attempt to right at least some of life's 'wrongs', it will destroy you.....especially in terms of your ability to be a decent and loving person.

  I grew up around rich people.  I saw clearly by the time I was an adolescent that many of them were leading useless and very unhappy lives.  I knew one fellow whose father had invested in IBM very early on and made a king's ransom.  The son, Basil, just could not figure out how to live his life in a way that was satisfying and happy.  He compounded the problem by becoming a drunk, and he dallied his days away doing things that amused him.  He had race horses....one I recall was called Sir Scattercash....an apt name for a 'hobby' that consumes money by the wheelbarrow.  Basil had a trap-shooting range in his backyard, but he was usually too drunk to hit much with his bespoke English shotguns.  A story he told many times was how he went to Scotland and had to get drunk with a particular gun-maker before the man would consent to build him a shotgun.  Wow!  What an accomplishment, eh.  Basil also bought a car dealership several hours from home....and wound up getting his chauffeur to run it.  

  This is the same cloth Donny Drumpf was cut from.  He still, at his advanced age, thinks that having it all is what matters.  He has no clue what he's missing.....none.  And, this flawed belief system pushes him to do selfish, harmful, nasty and peevish things that he believes will hurt his enemies, (and, he's aware that he has a LOT of people who despise him) and bring him more money, or power.  This is precisely why he sucks up to despotic individuals like Putin and Kim Jong Un....he's hoping to have that kind of unlimited power someday and to be able to abuse it freely without any consequences.  He would give his left testicle to be able to just order assassinations whenever somebody crosses him.  As it is, he settles for gloating when somebody is assaulted...as he did just yesterday...gloating over a journalist, Ali Velshi of MSNBC, getting shot with a 'less lethal' shotgun projectile, a  painful and potentially very damaging event. The Idiot told a Minnesota crowd that, "This is a beautiful thing."...referring to Velshi getting wounded.  

  Now, there is a perfect example of a man who is wandering in the foggy woods...completely clueless as to what makes a decent Human Being.  No idea.  Open all the cupboard doors.....the shelves are empty.

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