Tuesday, September 15, 2020

To the Young Adults of America: Wake the Hell Up!!!


     I have been coming across articles about the attitudes and actions of American young adults as this pandemic continues. The news is disheartening. Colleges are failing, in most cases, at bringing back on campus learning at any level resembling 'normal'.  They have done everything that has been recognized as proper and effective practice at minimizing the spread of this pernicious virus.  This includes spending considerable time and finances on re-arranging classrooms, creating 'bubbles' for groups of students, adequate testing of students on a recommended schedule, and tons of measures intended to make distancing more doable.  Masks are required and they are doing a better job of making sure this policy is more than lip-service....as it is in big-box stores like WallyWorld.  A few colleges have expelled students who violated the anti-covid measures....just sent them packing.  And, that is a good thing if it makes the others wake-up and realize this is not only not a hoax, it's no joke and must be taken as deadly serious. BECAUSE IT IS.

We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control
Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.

  But, the students themselves have destroyed what could have been their best opportunity to get a college education under circumstances at least remotely resembling normal.  It's NOT normal, but it's about as close as anybody will come while this pandemic still rages across the land. Some states have it under control, for now, and others do not.  The Dakotas are a perfect example of being stupid about it: the idiot governor of S.D. has been anti-mask and generally a Trumpian dumb-ass about it all....and, so now her state is in runaway mode...right out of control.  Congratulations Governor.

  You do realize, right, that we not only have not won the battle....we are LOOSING IT?  The number of new infections continues to be very high, as it is around the globe.  Yesterday, the world had the highest number of new cases...EVER:  308,000.  India, Brazil, England.....and many more....are all in trouble.  They thought they had it beaten....but, here comes another surge and now they are back on their heels trying to get their citizens to practice measures they have apparently become too bored to bother with.

  So, a young person heads off to the great adventure that college has always been.  And, a part of that 'adventure' is being on one's own for likely the very first time.  And, that means there will be some acting out, i.e. partying, athletic events, bars that cater to them, frat and sorority rushes, and on and on.  What would freshman--or any-- year at college be without these 'perks'?

  But, add a generous dollop of 'stupid' and it all turns into an odoriferous sludge.  "Hey, let's get together and be defiant. Those masks and all that crap about social distancing....who needs it?  We will, as have generations before us, act like wild and crazy college kids.  Yes, we came here to get an education, and a large part of that is a social education.  So, let's get busy, drinking, and getting hooked-up. Late nights and wild parties are all a part of becoming socially adept, right?" Oh, yeah.  All work and no play makes Jack...and all his classmates.,...a dull boy. Same for Jane, eh.

  And, the net result, as you have likely guessed already, is rapid surges in new infections.  So, the colleges, in many cases, have had to back-up and resort to either a hybrid learning situation where those who choose it or need it can attend classes remotely...or just go entirely remote and send kids home.  Different colleges have tried and are experimenting with various combinations of organization. But, it didn't need to be this way.....if only the students themselves were willing to accept that things are no longer normal and will not be for a long time.  We have all made sacrifices, some people have even given their lives in order to take care of the sick.


  Kids will be kids, right?  Bullshit. Kids need to get their heads out of their asses and take this situation seriously.  No excuses are adequate for getting others killed...and, that is exactly the outcome of being a 'spreader', either unintentionally or out of a lack of concern for anybody but themselves. 

   Hey, who does that sound like?  Why it's the Big Orange Asshole. 

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